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Murder – Just Like In The Video Games

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By now I am sure most of you have seen the “Collateral Murder” video that was released via Wikileaks.  I do not want to get involved with the arm chair debates over what should or should not have happened.  I have no real military experience to speak of unless being chased off a Canadian base by MPs counts.  I also have a ton of respect for the soldiers who put their lives on the line so assholes like me can say what is on my mind.

That said, a friend of mine who I won’t name pointed out how close the real life footage from the Apache gun camera footage is to the Call of Duty 4 AC-130 Mission.  I found this comparisson amusing.  I mean they even got the bounce of the corpse right in the video game.  Well done…..

Collateral Murder Video (must login to Youtube) –>

Call of Duty 4 AC-130 Mission –>


Quick Note – Twitter

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No the person using is not me. I deleted my twitter account and someone else has jumped on the name.

Corporate Shilling via “Tech Mag” Blogs

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Today I read a Blog post that, in my opinion, was pretty suspect when it comes to the whole debate around ethics in blogging.  While it is a reality that all of us have multiple “gigs” from our daily corporate grinds, to side consulting, to getting paid to Blog (note I don’t get paid to Blog) we should all be smart enough to not let them interfere with each other.  But what happens when you blur those lines of common sense and use one gig to promote another?  Is that not unethical?  Should writing for ZDNet, albeit a Blog, not make you some sort of “reporter” (using the term very loosely) and shouldn’t you resist the urge to pimp your other gigs?

Sure, in this case the author, called out that he works for the company in question but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he basically inserted a mostly ignored press release in to his PAID ZDNet Blog under the guise of following a “twitter user’s request” and “just helping out”.  While I don’t have anything against Adam personally, and I am sure Cloudmark makes a great product — how dumb do they think ZDNet readers are?  Wait don’t answer that…. 😉

Sorry but I call bullshit.  This was simply an attempt to gain more attention for the day job’s press release and really no different than the Security Companies we all have made fun of in the past for posting fake mailing list posts talking up their own products.

One less trusted resource I suppose…

Guess what this could be about…

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What we have here is a bunch of self important blowhards giving each other a reach around so they can all feel relevant and important. But guess what people, no one cares about your opinions that are either wrong or simply re-hashed opinions from 10 years ago. You have made no difference and you won’t make a difference. None of us will.

You can quote me on that… 😉

No Time to BLOG

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For the one or two people that actually follow this BLOG.  Sorry, I haven’t had the bandwidth to keep it updated.  I don’t see my time commitment changing any time soon so don’t stay tuned for an update.

By the way.  I was told the other night how certain WordPress accounts were compromised.  So if and when I do start writing again I will probably move the blog to my own solution hosted on my own box.