Now for Something Completely Different

Apologies to those who follow this blog just for my security geek content.  But this time I am posting something completely different. 

For the three years I have lived in the bay area I have been partially a San Jose Sharks hockey fan as well as a Calgary Flames fan.  I have taken all kinds of shit from friends as well as random hecklers at the Tank.  So, I made a bet with my wife to be, some of my slimeball friends and patrons of the popular dive bar – Cinebar.

The bet was simple.  If the San Jose Sharks go further than the Calgary Flames in the playoffs (09/10 Season) then I would allow my Flames jersey to be defaced and/or destroyed.  I lost this bet as the Sharks are 1 win away from knocking Detroit out of the second playoff round while the Flames are already on the golf course.  So, instead of defacing my jersey I decided to give it a more fitting funeral.


One Response to “Now for Something Completely Different”

  1. A sad yet dignified end for a noble uniform. May its memory live on.

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