Source Boston Speaker Arrested

In the past I have been known to cross swords with this guy. In fact, I have maintained for quote some time that he is nothing more than a charlatan. Of course this is only my opinion.

One thing I will give him credit for — ROCKET LAUNCHER. That is totally badass, although not sure how having a rocket launcher at home is going to help you in prison.

Wonder what kind of yarn will be spun out of this one? While I am quick to point and laugh, I do have a heart and I hope you pull through this James, while I love getting under your skin and proving you to be nothing more than a charlatan, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

Nice touch with the “hearing voices” part as with the thousands of pills.

ROCKPORT (WBZ) ― Rockport police displayed some of the items they seized from Atkinson’s home.

A part-time EMT is now free on bail after Rockport police say they found a huge stash of weapons in his home.

47-year-old James Atkinson was arrested last week on larceny and obstruction of justice charges.

Police noticed that he had turned over ammunition after his arrest, but that he did not hand over all of the dozens of weapons that went with it.

So they went to his home on Broadway early Sunday morning with a search warrant.

This is what officers say they found:

US Army issued M190 rocket launcher
Surveillance equipment worth millions of dollars
More than 1,000 rounds of rounds of ammunition
Military-grade smoke bombs
Tear gas launcher
Glock handgun
.357 magnum and rifle
More than 1,000 pills

All were seized by police.

Atkinson was arrested again.

16 charges were filed against him, 3 were felonies.

He was arraigned in Gloucester District Court Monday morning and released on $3,500 bail.

Police say “many handguns and rifles are still not accounted for

Of course no post would be complete without pics:

2 Responses to “Source Boston Speaker Arrested”

  1. Here is a great article on James and his arrest –>

  2. Here is a video from a local TV news report. Damn good stuff, it’s about time this fraudster was called out. He’s clever and keeps one or two smart friends so watch him.

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