The Twitter Hack That Wasn’t

By now, seeing how it takes me forever to write blog posts, everyone has heard the press about the “Twitter Hack”.

Since when is guessing someones password hacking?  If that is the case someone call the feds on my 11 year old son as he once guessed a siblings Windows password.  Sorry to all the want-to-be 1337 h4x0rs out there but guessing a password is not really a hack.  Sure it is amusing, but not hacking.

The fact that a couple of different email accounts that happened to belong to people associated with twitter has easy to guess passwords has really no bearing on the security or insecurity of twitter.  Yes it demonstrates that those compromised were idiots but no its not a Twitter issue.

Is Twitter insecure?  Probably.  Do these “hacks” demonstrate that — of course not.  What I find even more amusing is that this made the general media, I read about it on CNN and so did a lot of my friends who are not necessarily computer savy but do use Twitter.  Yet the only people who actually cared and made noise about this were security companies looking to get quoted and beat up on web 2.0 and cloud computing.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think cloud computing and Web 2.0 are both bad ideas from a security perspective but they are the inevitable path that the web will take.  Features, performance, price, and functionality will always trump security.

Anyways, random thoughts first thing in the morning for me.  Can we get back to hacking the important targets?


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