XBox Live DDoS Attack only $19.95

Here is a horribly written article complete with FUD terms like “underground packet sniffing software” that was written based off of an equally bad article.  I wonder, does this make a horrible BLOG post?  😉

Anyways, the whole premise of the above is that “hackers” are performing a DDoS attack service for sore loser gamers on the XBox Live network.  While the articles and the quotes in the articles make is sound like some amazing accomplishment it really is not.  To do this requires almost zero skill, of course you need access to your very own botnet but these days those are not hard to come by and “borrow”.

Basically, one must simply sniff their XBox Live connection and, depending on the game (I believe and correct me if I am wrong that some games like EA games do not do direct connections but go through the EA servers), gather all of the IP addresses connecting to your network.

Now you have a choice, you can attempt to social engineer your way to the exact user you wish to DDoS or simply attack the entire group.  I mean it would be pretty simply to identify the geographical location of the IP address then simply say “Hey where is everyone from” and then make some guesses from there.

The whole thing is pretty lame as far as gamers go.  I mean what happened to losing the old fashioned way?  Yelling “your mom” jokes at the person who just beat you?

One of the articles mentioned something about sending the DDoS attack at the “Xbox Live port” (I can’t be bothered to double check which one) when in reality you need to simply just take out the person’s connection and not target any specific application which as we all know is simple enough to do.

Anyways, back to playing Afro Samurai on my 360.


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