Douchebag reporters getting it wrong once again…

Nothing bugs me more than a reporter getting things horribly wrong.  It bugs me more when a colleague is the victim of a reporter simply trying to sensationalize something to gain attention.

Sadly, this is the case with this really horrible (and technical inaccurate) article over at PC World.

Right from the get go, the article is outright wrong and even borderline slanderous:

HD Moore has been owned.

That’s hacker talk, meaning that Moore, the creator of the popular Metasploit hacking toolkit has become the victim of a computer attack.

So reading the above would make one automatically think that someone, in this case HD Moore, was specifically “owned” and was specifically a victim.  Not only does the article state that HD was personally “owned” but it then goes on to say that his employer was equally “owned”.


Meanwhile, if you have half a clue and you read the rest of the article you will quickly see that no, HD was not “owned” and no his employer was not “owned”.  The DNS servers at the ISP, in this case AT&T, were “owned” causing anyone who happened to be using those DNS servers to be redirected to a fake google site that was designed to generate ad revenue.  Hardly an owning of anything or anyone really.  The site wasn’t even serving up malware simply cashing in on the click through.

I suppose that the headline “AT&T DNS Servers Poisoned” is clearly not as sexy as one stating someone who is a known and respected security researcher got “owned”. 

So, if one was to “own” the DNS servers used by PC World could they make the claim that they owned Robert McMillan?  Probably not as that would be a dumb assumption…oh… wait…

Anyways, a better, more clear, douchebaggery free article on this is available over on Security Focus.


One Response to “Douchebag reporters getting it wrong once again…”

  1. hellnbak Says:

    Sadly the incorrect article was also picked up by ZDNet:

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