Corrections made but still wrong

Wow, you know I am worked up about something when I do two blog posts on the same topic in one day.

So PC World made some “corrections” to the article which can be seen here:

Even with the corrections.  The article is still quite silly and misleading.

Has it even been confirmed that Metasploit was the tool used in this attack?   I mean is it safe to assume that just because a Metasploit module exists for something that is what was used?  Probably not…

So lets look at the new revised article now:

“That’s hacker talk, meaning that Moore, the creator of the popular Metasploit hacking toolkit has become the victim of a computer attack.”

Victim would insinuate that there was some loss or damages suffered.  This is clearly not the case.

“One of BreakingPoint’s servers was forwarding DNS (Domain Name System) traffic to the AT&T server, so when it was compromised, so was HD Moore’s company.”

Compromised insinuates that BreakingPoint Systems was breached in some way.  Again, not the case. 

Honestly, I think PC World should just throw in the towel on this article and admit that they are wrong and way off base here.


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