I Lied…

I know yesterday I said I was not going to post a rant about ambulance chasing vendors.  Well, I lied.  A good friend of mine forwarded this email to me (name and registration URL edited out):


—–Original Message—–
From: Jennifer Torcotta [mailto:
Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2008 6:16 AM
To: spam recipient
Subject: Avoid Becoming the Next Hannaford
Dear FNAME,I would love for you to join us today for an informative and timely webinar on “Preventing Data Theft Through Compliance” featuring Wolf & Company, P.C., a certified public accounting and business consulting firm. During this Webinar, William Nowik, Wolf’s Manager of IT Assurance Services, will specifically address how to effectively mitigate the risk of data theft, reduce financial loss due to non-compliance, and lower the overall cost of compliance by building continual risk assessment and compliance into your operations.With data breaches like the one at Hannaford Supermarkets in the headlines every day, are you sure you are doing everything possible to protect your organization? Find out if you are at risk and what you can do about it.

Event Details:
Date: Wednesday, March 19th
Time: 1:00PM EDT
Duration: 60 minutes
Speakers: William Nowik, Wolf & Company and Jon Day, Ecora Software

FNAME, I do hope you can join us today at 1:00PM.Warm Regards,
Jennifer Torcotta
Marketing Specialist
Ecora Software
© 2008 Ecora Software Corporation 2 International Drive, Suite 150 Portsmouth, NH 03801 USA


Am I the only one who gets the feeling that after the Hannaford news broke that Ms. Torcotta masturbated furiously over the marketing potential the event.  Do you think she still had goo on her fingers when she ran into the office to announce that she wanted to SPAM people using the fear created by the Hannaford breach to drum up business.  Was there a circle jerk when they came up with the angle to add more fear and doubt to the situation? 

I have tried to keep profanity on this blog at a minimum but WHAT THE FUCK?!?  Riddle me this Batman… how can Ecora claim that they can protect you from being the next “Hannaford” when details of what actually happened are sketchy and not fully public?

Not only did they SPAM people, they got their script wrong and instead of putting the actual First Name (FNAME) they ended up with the variable in their email.  Good one, I mean how can we trust your product if you can’t even get your SPAM right.

I went to the Ecora (who?) website from the registration link and saw this (click to enlarge, inspired by the D2D Attrition post):


If invoking Hannaford is not enough to scare you into atending this webinar the looming “new regulatory requirements” and new disorganized projects should.  Sigh… what is truly sad is that somewhere right now in a meeting room at some other company some poor marketing guy is being scolded for not thinking of this first and letting Ecora lead the chase for that Ambulance.

Ahh well, until the next marketing masturbation worthy event……


UPDATE:  The fine folks over at Attrition have added this to their Eratta section.


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